Photo Enforcement in Fort Saskatchewan

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The City of Fort Saskatchewan's speed limits are enforced by Municipal Enforcement and RCMP officers, by way of both conventional and Automated Enforcement. Automated Enforcement includes the use of photo-laser and Intersection Safety Devices. Automated Enforcement is conducted at a variety of locations including:


Photo-laser Sites

  • All School Zones (During School Days)
  • All Playground Zones
  • Highway 21 (All directions)
  • Highway 15 (All directions)
  • 99 Avenue (East and Westbound)
  • River Road (East and Westbound)
  • Southfort Drive (North and Southbound)
  • 86 Avenue (North and Southbound)

* Photo-laser devices are used to enforce speed limits and promote compliance with rules of the road.


Intersection Safety Device Sites

  • Highway 21 and Southfort Boulevard
  • Highway 21 and 84 Street
  • Highway 21 and Highway 15 (North and Southbound)
  • Highway 15 and 101 Street
  • Highway 15 and 114 Street
  • 99 Avenue at 95 Street

* Intersection Safety Devices are used to enforce red light and "speed-on-green" violations and to promote compliance with rules of the road. 


Speeding Facts

The World Health Organization (2004) noted that a 1 km/h decrease in the travelling speed of a motor vehicle typically results in a 2 to 3% reduction in collisions. An Australian study found the risk of dying in a collision doubled for each 5 km/h increase in vehicle speed; a consequence of the distance travelled while reacting to a perceived risk, the physics of stopping a moving vehicle, and the vehicle’s residual speed at impact.

Please obey all traffic laws.  Your life and the lives of others matter to us!