RCMP Community Programs

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RCMP Community Programs 

  1. Anti-Fraud Center

  2. Auxiliary Police Program

  3. Bicycle Rodeo 

  4. Child Identification

  5. Citizens on Patrol

  6. Crimestoppers

  7. D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) 

  8. P.A.R.T.Y. (Prevent Alcohol and Risk Related Trauma in Youth)

  9. Recruiting

  10. Rural Crime Watch

Anti-Fraud Center

Anti-Fraud Center plays a key role in educating the public about specific fraudulent telemarketing pitches such as the "Big Prize Scam", Credit Fraud, Identity Theft and Telephone Fraud.

Auxiliary Police Program

The Auxiliary Constable Program is a volunteer program intended to enhance community based policing and provide an opportunity for citizens to participate in law enforcement on an organized basis. Auxiliary Constables provide a complementary service to the regular Force, in other words, Auxiliary Constables assist members of the Force while under supervision.

The RCMP administers the Program which is sponsored and funded by the Province of Alberta under the auspices of the Alberta Solicitor General Department.

Bicycle Rodeo

Bicycle Rodeo will test the riding skills and traffic safety knowledge of young cyclists. With some youth organizations, such as Cubs, Scouts, Brownies and Guides, may earn a proficiency badge. Bicycle Rodeo will also increase communication between the police and young people.   The objective of this program is to:

  • To test riding skills and traffic safety knowledge of young cyclists
  • To reduce the number of accidents involving cyclists
  • To promote bicycle safety awareness at all ages
  • To increase communication between the police and young people

Child Identification

The RCMP, in partnership with Kidz Printz, the “Our Missing Children” Program and corporate sponsor AOL Canada Inc., is leading a national child safety initiative which will give police a valuable investigative tool when a child goes missing. The Kidz Printz Identification Kit, launched nationally on May 25, 2001, is aimed at parents with children 12 and under.

The pocket-sized kits include a non-toxic ink strip for fingerprinting and spaces for parents to keep a current photo of their child, to write a physical description, and even to tape hair strands as a DNA sample. In the event a child goes missing, the completed kit will quickly provide investigators with the information they need to begin their search.

Citizens on Patrol

Alberta Citizens in Patrol Association (ACOPA) - is a program aimed at reducing crime in the community through active participation of citizens in crime prevention. As the incidence of crime is continuing to grow, so is the need for citizen involvement. Crime preys on apathy and as there cannot be a Police Officer on every corner, it is up to every member of the community to assume responsibility for its protection. This involves citizens being on alert to the potential of crime and willing to look out for one another's interests. This program gets the community actively involved in crime prevention making their community a safer place to live.


Crimestoppers  is a community crime prevention organization that rewards anonymous tipsters while supporting law enforcement partners to solve and stop crime.

D.A.R.E.   (Drug Abuse Resistance Education)

Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) is a comprehensive prevention education program designed to equip school children with skills to recognize and resist social pressures to experiment with tobacco, alcohol, other drugs and violence. This unique program utilizes uniformed law enforcement officers to teach a formal curriculum to students in a classroom setting. DARE gives special attention to fifth and sixth grade students to prepare them for entry into intermediate & high school, where they are most likely to encounter pressure to use drugs.


P.A.R.T.Y. stands for Prevent Alcohol and Risk Related Trauma in Youth. This program helps students understand:

  • Alcohol.
  • Alcohol’s effect on the body.
  • Alcohol’s effect on driving skills.
  • The importance of seatbelts.
  • The consequences of risk-taking behaviour.
  • What it’s like to live the rest of your life with a disability.

It provides a realistic description of the perils of risk-taking behaviour from the perspective of people who know - police paramedics, hospital emergency, intensive care and rehabilitation staff, and the victims who have lived to tell their tale. These people have first hand knowledge and experience to tell it “exactly like it is”.

The P.A.R.T.Y. Program was not designed to preach “don’t drink and drive”; instead they teach students about making responsible choices. The program reinforces and reaffirms the importance of responsible decision-making especially related to “high risk” activities of youth.

This program is funded and supported through the generous contributions from communities which have accepted the challenge to help stop young people from becoming statistics on Alberta’s roadways.


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Rural Crime Watch

Alberta Rural Crime - is a cooperative community effort aimed at reducing crime in rural Alberta. It is based on the observation that crime is least likely to occur in a community where people are alert to the potential for crime and willing to look out for each other and work closely with their police force. 

This program enhances property security, property identification and citizen awareness, and reporting to the authorities suspicious matters. The goal of Rural Crime Watch is to reduce the number and frequency of rural crime of all types with some special emphasize on cattle, grain and hay theft.