Curbside Recycling

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Curbside Recycling - The "Blue Bag Program"

blue bagThe Blue Bag program allows residents to recycle a large variety of household materials including plastics #1-7, tin cans, aluminum containers and cans, paper products, boxboard, cardboard, glass containers and jars. Blue bag recycling is an easy and cost effective recycling program available to residents where they simply place all dry, clean recyclable materials into a clear blue plastic bag each week. Once full, the bag can then be deposited curbside along with other household garbage on designated waste collection pick up days.
Items that should not be placed in Blue Bags include pizza boxes, waxed cardboard, mirrors, paint cans, styrofoam (including styrofoam egg cartons) foil paper or containers, aerosol containers, batteries, ceramics, plate glass or any container that has contained hazardous materials. Other items such as batteries, tires, propane bottles, branches, leaves or grass clippings, used oil, paint, metals and electronic waste can be taken to the Recycle Station located at 8906 – 111 Street.

2017 Curbside Waste & Recycling Collection Schedule.

** Please make sure all containers and recyclable materials are CLEAN and DRY! **


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