Tips to Reduce Waste

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Reduce is the First Step! How are we doing?

2014 Stats

  • Tonnes of waste to landfill  - 4,972.66
  • Tonnes of waste diverted from landfill through recycling - 1,054.96
  • Tonnes of waste diverted through organics pilot project - 259.21

Here are a few ways in which you can reduce the amount of waste you produce:  

  • Set your printer to print both sides of a sheet of paper and photocopiers to copy documents double-sided. Cut down on paper usage at the office too.
  • Buy whole fruits and vegetables to avoid the unnecessary trays and wraps.
  • Buy the large or economy size - this uses less packaging and saves you money.
  • Reduce waste when you shop. Use a shopping bag or rucksack rather than plastic carrier bags and refuse carrier bags if you don’t need them.
  • Reduce toxic chemicals in your home. Whenever possible, buy products that are free of toxic chemicals. Look for products that appear to disclose all their ingredients. The words caution, warning and danger indicate that the product's ingredients are harmful. Choose the least hazardous product to do the job.
  • Store food in resealable containers rather than using cling film or foil.
  • Pack a no-waste lunch for you and your children! Use a reusable lunch box or bag and fill it with your lunch in reusable containers. Include a cloth napkin instead of paper one.
  • Use rechargeable batteries – this will help reduce your waste and save you money.    
  • You could be growing instead of throwing! Compost your garden waste.
  • When shopping chose products with the least packaging.  Packaging makes up 30% of municipal solid waste. Most packaging material can be recycled in the City’s curbside recycling program or by dropping off at the Recycle & Transfer Station.
  • Take your difficult items to the Fort Saskatchewan Recycle & Transfer Station for safe disposal.
  • Recycle junk mail into blue bags for curbside recycling pick-up.

2017 Curbside Waste & Recycling Collection Schedule