Snow Removal Priorities and Process

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Snow Clearing Priority Map

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Snow clearing in residential areas starts only after higher priority areas have been completed. If it begins to snow again while crews are working on residential streets, they go back to clearing the priority areas before picking back up where they left off in the residential area.

Priority #1: Highways
Completed within 6-8 hours of the end of snowfall.

Priority #2: Arterial Roads
Completed within 10-14 hours of the end of snowfall.

Priority #3: Collector/Main Streets
Completed within 20-30 hours of the end of snowfall.

Priority #4: Industrial/Central Business District
Managed after third priority, and as needed.

Priority #5: Residential Streets
Snow clearing begins when compacted snow is 75 mm (2.95 inches) thick.

Priority #6: Lanes
As required to maintain traffic and emergency vehicle movement.


Snow Clearing Priority Maps


Snowplow Safety

Safety is the City's #1 Priority

  • Never pass a snowplow on the right hand side unless the operator stops, or slows down, and signals you to pass.
  • Be careful and keep a safe distance (30 metres) from any snowplow, grader or truck and loader during snow removal.
  • Observe the signs posted or follow the directions of the crew.