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Fort Sask Transit provides two local routes (582 and 583) for weekday service throughout the community, and connects riders to the Route 580 commuter bus to Clareview LRT Station.

Transit service does not run on weekends or statutory holidays unless otherwise specified. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transfer between buses on Fort Sask Transit?
Yes, you may request a transfer ticket from the bus driver upon entering the bus. Transfer tickets are valid only for one-way, bus to bus transfers on routes 582 and 583, on the day of purchase.

Can I use a transfer ticket between Fort Sask Transit to ETS 580?
No, transfer tickets are only valid on routes 582 and 583. You will have to pay a new fare when transferring to an ETS route.

Does Fort Sask Transit have a Lost and Found?
If you have lost something on Route 582 or 583, contact Fort Sask Transit by calling 780-992-6218. If you have lost something while on the ETS 580, contact ETS Customer Service.

Are Fort Sask Transit buses accessible for my wheelchair/walkers/stroller/bike?
Fort Sask Transit buses are specially equipped with accessible ramps and the ability to kneel and lower. Learn more about accessibility and Fort Sask Transit.

I use mobility aids and equipment. Does my companion have to pay for a bus ticket?
No, a companion may ride free for persons using mobility aids and equipment.


Contact Us

Contact Fort Sask Transit by calling 780-992-6218.

If you have questions or concerns regarding ETS Route 580, view the Travelling to Edmonton page.