Specialized Transportation

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The Special Transportation Services Society (STSS) is a group of dedicated community volunteers who oversee the operation of the Taxi Voucher Subsidy System and Accessible Minivan Services.


Taxi Voucher Subsidy Program

The Taxi Voucher Subsidy Program provides affordable transportation to senior citizens and people with physical or mental disabilities, via Driving Miss Daisy.

What is a Voucher?
A voucher is an authorization for you to use the service provided by Driving Miss Daisy for a subsidized rate.

Travelling Within Fort Saskatchewan
In-City vouchers come in books of 25. In-City travel is available at a cost of $5 plus one voucher each way.

Travelling Out of City
Out-of-City vouchers are given out when you need to travel outside of Fort Saskatchewan for medical appointments, spouse hospital visits, vocational training, et cetera. Date and destination of medical appointment must be submitted to receive Out-of-City vouchers. Vouchers must be picked up at Community Services. Cost depends on the destination. Parking Fee is to be paid by the user. All out-of-city vouchers must be stamped at the community services office before travel.

Registration available at City Hall. Certain criteria for eligibility is necessary. Contact Community Services at 780-992-6267 for further information.


Accessible Minivan Services

The Fort Saskatchewan Accessible Minivan Service is designed to meet the transportation needs of persons who require specialized transit related to wheelchair, scooter or walker use. This service operates primarily within Fort Saskatchewan.

Any resident registered with the STSS who is unable to utilize the existing subsidized taxi service due to a physical disability may register for this service.

8 am – 5 pm, Monday – Friday

In City: Transportation to and from any location within City limits - $5 per one-way trip.
Out of City: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays only. From Fort Saskatchewan to medical services in Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St. Albert or Lamont. Cost dependant on location.

Phone 780-940-5247.

This is a continuing arrangement whereby the vehicle driver will book you to travel at the same time each day until you cancel the service.

Book at least one day (24 hours) and up to one month in advance of your intended trip.

For cancellations, please give as much notice as possible. Repeated last minute cancellations or "no shows" when the Accessible Minivan arrives, could be considered grounds to review eligibility.