Cart Set-Out, Storage and Care

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To ensure the safety of residents and our workers, we ask that you comply with a few standardized rules regarding waste cart placement and storage.

General Rules:

  • Carts and recycling bags must be placed for pickup by 7AM on your designated collection day
  • Waste carts and recycling bags must be placed 1 metre away from any obstacles
    • 1 metre can be approximated as an arms length apart
    • Obstacles can include trees, fire hydrants, vehicles, other waste carts, and low overhanging tree limbs or utility lines
  • Cart lids must be fully closed to qualify for collection
    • Overflowing carts will NOT be collected
    • Extra waste must be bagged and disposed of at the Transfer Station for an extra fee
  • Carts must be removed from the curb and properly stored following your collection
    • Where can I properly store my carts? See “Storage” section.

Specific to Your Property:

Front collection

If you have a curb:

  • Front of the cart must face the street
  • Place the wheels of the cart in the gutter between the curb and the road
  • Place the recycling bag against the curb

If you do not have a curb:

  • Place the cart out at the edge of your driveway and the road. Ensure that the cart is on a flat area and the wheels are closest to the ditch of your driveway
  • Front of cart must face the street

If you live in a cul-de-sac:

  • Do not park in the cul-de-sac on collection day as collection trucks have a difficult time maneuvering around the vehicles and cannot access the roll-out carts
  • Follow the appropriate instructions for curb or no curb collection

Alley collection

  • Carts must be pulled away from the fence and other permanent structures to be collected. Carts that are too close to obstructions or are not at the edge of the road will not be collected.
  • Carts and recycling bag must have 1 arm length (1 metre) clearance space between them and any obstructions including: fences, trees, garage roofs, power lines, etc.
  • Remove any and all other obstructions from the alley to allow space for the collection trucks including parked vehicles.
  • Carts cannot block vehicles or traffic.

During street maintenance (snow clearing and spring street sweeping)

If you have a boulevard and sidewalk:

  • Place the cart out at the end of your driveway in between the sidewalk and the road
  • Make sure your cart and recycling bag do not block the sidewalk

If you have a sidewalk only:

  • Place the cart out at the end of your driveway directly behind the sidewalk
  • Do not have the cart too far up your driveway or the cart cannot be reached and emptied by the collection trucks
  • Make sure your cart and recycling bag do not block the sidewalk


Storing your carts

On non collection days, your carts must be brought up and stored on your property - not on the road or or boulevard. Your cart footprint is slightly larger than an average-sized garbage container, and it rolls and maneuvers easily. Carts must be stored against a permanent structure. Here are some great places to store your carts:

  • Inside or against your garage
  • Neatly against the side of your home
  • In your backyard
  • Against a fence
  • Wherever you currently keep your garbage

Cart Care

With a little care, your carts will last a long time! Here are some tips to help you keep your carts in top-notch shape:

  • Clean the carts the same way you would clean a garbage can - wash them frequently and let them dry completely
  • Lids should open and close easily
  • The City of Fort Saskatchewan will replace any cart that breaks or cracks through normal use. If your cart is damaged or needs repairs, call the Waste Hotline: 780.992.6218
  • IMPORTANT: Carts must NOT be altered or painted.