Screened Organic Topsoil and Woodchips

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Since 1993, Public Works has been accepting garden waste, leaves, grass clippings, and woodchips from City residents. The City adds black soil to a stock pile of this material, and allows nature to break it down. Organic material is also screened to make it ready for residents and contractors to purchase.

Please call ahead to see if Woodchips or Screened Organic Topsoil is available for sale.


All prices include GST. Minimum charge is $5.00.

Screened Organic Topsoil:
$15.00 / cubic metre

$10.00 / cubic metre

Delivery (weekdays only)
$75.00 within City limits
$150.00 within 25 km radius of City limits
$150.00 + $2.15/km outside 25 km radius of City limits

One cubic metre = approx. 7-8 wheel-barrow loads
½ of 6’ truck box = 1 cubic metre
Heaping 6’ truck box = 2 cubic metres
Heaping 8’ truck box = 3 cubic metres

Loading Schedule

Loading schedule is weather permitting. CLOSED STATUTORY HOLIDAYS.

Public Works Office
Monday - Friday
8:00 - 4:00 pm
11121-88 Avenue
** Call ahead to ensure availability: 780.992.6248 **

Transfer Station
Saturday - Sunday
9:00 - 4:00 pm
8609-111 Street
** Call ahead to ensure availability: 780.992.6152 **

Screened Organic Topsoil

Garden waste, leaves, grass clippings, and woodchips are piled and turned to accelerate the natural composting process.  The composted material is then screened, resulting in a rich, evenly textured black soil suitable for gardening and landscape projects.

Due to high levels of plant nutrients and variable pH, customers may need to mix with peat moss or regular black dirt.  Check with your garden centre or landscaper on the use of organic soils.


Branches and brush (from the public and city pruning crews), as well as Christmas trees, are stockpiled and shredded.  The material is useful as a filler for planters or under a ‘finished’ mulch bed, compost additive, or biomass fuel; it is not intended as a finished landscape mulch.