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Thank you for your interest in the Dow Centennial Centre Message Board

A few things to know:

Messages submitted by the following are permitted:

a)   City Council, City staff;

b)   general public and nonprofit community organizations;

c)   businesses hosting or sponsoring a charitable community event in Fort Saskatchewan;

d)   Dow Centennial Centre’s three major sponsors - Dow Chemical Canada Inc., Sherritt International and Landrex Developers Inc. - related to company branding; and

e)   RCMP, NR CAER, other agencies in the event of an emergency.

Messages must reflect:

a)   events that are open to the general public in Fort Saskatchewan; or

b)   announcements of general public interest.

Message priorities shall be as follows:

a)   City of Fort Saskatchewan information:

i)    emergency announcements (e.g.: shelter in place, evacuations)

ii)   important announcements (e.g.: road closures, detours, snow removal)

iii)  promotional information: (e.g.: visit website, Town Hall Meeting, Dow Centennial Centre, special events, promotions, concerts);

b)   community groups or businesses (e.g.: Boys and Girl’s Club events, Farmer’s Market); or

c)   public service announcements (e.g.: Don’t Drink and Drive, Happy Holidays, welcoming visitors attending events in the community).

Messages that promote the following are not permitted:

a)   any candidate or Party in any election campaign;

b)   personal benefit (e.g.: birthday greetings, garage sales, etc.);

c)   religious view points;

d)   false, misleading or deceptive information;

e)   racist or sexist views; or

f)    any other topic at the City’s sole discretion.


Messages are posted at no cost.

The number of messages that can appear from any one source within an undefined period of time may be limited.  Appeals related to message display requests that have been denied may be submitted to the City Manager, whose decision is final.   The City is under no obligation to display any message from any source.



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