Advertising, Promotions, and Sponsorship Opportunities in Fort Saskatchewan

Unlock Diverse Advertising & Sponsorship Opportunities in Fort Sask

Engage with Fort Saskatchewan's diverse and responsive audience. We offer curated advertising solutions that position your brand front and center.

Recreational Venues:

  • Dow Centennial Centre: Your brand on rink boards and TV screens (or more!), tapping into the energy of sports fans, families, and events. A bustling hub, ensuring wide-reaching visibility.
  • Taurus Field: An opportunity amidst the cheers and roars of loyal sport enthusiasts. Here, your brand doesn't just get noticed—it gets celebrated. Check out the Taurus Field media kit.
  • Harbour Pool: A splash of visibility! Reach families, fitness aficionados, and regular swimmers. Your brand shines where community gathers.

Cultural Hotspots:

  • Fort Heritage Precinct (FHP): Integrate your brand in a place of rich history and culture. Engage with educators, families, and community groups year-round. Your message becomes part of the narrative. Check out FHP's full sponsorship package today!
  • Shell Theatre: A spotlight on your brand amidst applause. Catch the discerning eyes of theatre-goers and the arts community. Here, your ad tells a story.

Citywide Opportunities:

  • Fort Sask Transit (FST): Mobile branding! Your message travels city-wide, reaching daily commuters, students, and visitors. Make every journey an advertising opportunity. Check out FST's media kit.
  • Special Event Sponsorships: Collaborate with us on events, ensuring your brand resonates with diverse demographics—families, youth, and professionals alike.
  • Guide to Fort Sask Magazine: A trusted city guide in every local's hand. We also place these in most hotels and visitor centres. Cement your brand as part of the city's tapestry.

Naming Rights:

Beyond ads—immortalize your brand on our iconic facilities, from the melodic Band Shell to the vibrant Skatepark.

Our spaces don't just advertise—they amplify. Whether you're targeting a specific demographic or the wider community, we tailor to your aspirations.

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