Animal Services

The City of Fort Saskatchewan has a number of services available for domestic and wild animal concerns.

Please report a missing animal, an animal noise complaint or a dead animal through Fort Report or by calling Municipal Enforcement Services at 780-997-7930.

Animal Control

To learn how to care for the health and safety of your animal, read our Animal Control Bylaw.

Animal control facts

Fort Saskatchewan’s Animal Control Bylaw regulates the ownership of dogs, cats, domestic pigeons and domestic rabbits.

  • People may own up to three dogs and / or three cats.
    • Dogs and cats must be licensed.
    • Dogs and cats may be taken outdoors but must be on-leash.
  • A person may own or keep no more than four pigeons or rabbits in any combination.
    • Pigeons and rabbits must at all times be in a fully enclosed pen maintained in a clean, sanitary and inoffensive condition, and not located within two meters of the premises’ boundary.
  • No person is permitted to own or keep within the City; livestock, poisonous snakes, reptiles or other insects, or any other animal that in the adult form would weigh more than 5 kilograms.

Cat control

Owners or care-givers of cats are not permitted to release cats to the outdoors off-leash. Should that occur, the animal may be seized and the owner or care-giver fined.

Property owners can take steps to humanely deter unwanted cats from their yards and flower beds. Suggestions include:

Choose plants and herbs that naturally deter cats by giving off smells cats dislike, such as Citronella, Coleus, Lavender, Lemongrass, Pennyroyal, and Rue.

  • Purchase and use cat and dog repellent sprays or granules available at local hardware and department stores (check first to make sure the product you choose is in stock).
  • Gently spray or splash water on a cat to keep them away.
  • Remove food sources that may attract cats to your yard.
  • Ensure garbage / compost bins are securely shut.
  • Bury chicken wire in the soil of your flower beds that you don't want cats to enter or dig in.
  • Municipal Enforcement has a small stock of cat traps that may be rented to humanely trap a cat. You must check the trap daily and surrender a trapped cat to Municipal Enforcement.

While property owners can take steps to deter cats from their yards, remember you cannot do anything to harm the animal.

Cats in distress or abused

If you suspect a stray or abandoned cat is in distress or has been abused, please contact:

Fort Saskatchewan Municipal Enforcement Services
Phone: 780-997-7930

Alberta SPCA
Phone: 1-800-455-9003

Pet Licensing

Every cat/dog owned by a resident of Fort Saskatchewan must be licensed.

Apply or renew your animal license.

Wild Animals and Pests

Report all pest concerns as well as large or dangerous animals in the city limits to the correct provincial authority.

Alberta Fish and Wildlife: 780-427-3574