Construction Projects

The City of Fort Saskatchewan endeavours to keep residents and visitors up-to-date about ongoing City construction projects.

For further information please call 780-992-6248.

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2023 Construction Projects

Below are some of the construction projects happening in the City this year. These projects will enhance the City’s roadways, utilities, buildings, parks and facilities. In addition to the large construction projects, City crews also conduct regular maintenance and repairs on streets and sidewalks throughout the community.

Neighbourhood Rehabilitation Projects

Southfort Meadows Park Amenity

Transfer Station Project

Pre-qualified contractors list

The City of Fort Saskatchewan is developing a pre-qualified contractors list for miscellaneous work up to $50,000 in value. The pre-qualification process consists of a safety questionnaire, a qualifications questionnaire and a listing of the work contractors are interested in.

The pre-qualified list will be used to request quotations for small contracts that come up during annual operations. Contract values are expected to be below $50,000 per contract.

Documents will be continually accepted and contractors added to the list. It is anticipated that interested contractors will be required to update their information on an annual basis.

Download the Safety Pre-Qualification Form

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