Groups, Programs, and Workshops

A wide variety of services, programs, and workshops available to the community through direct service and/or in partnerships with other social agencies.

Upcoming FCSS Programs and Workshops

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Financial Literacy with Credit Counselling Society

January 2023 - January 2024

Please note: All sessions will be held virtually 

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Topic Date Time

Food and Finance

Details on this session coming soon...

September 20, 2023 7-8pm

Christmas without Credit

Details on this session coming soon...

October 11, 2023 7-8pm

75 Ways to Save

Details on this session coming soon...

November 15, 2023 7-8pm

Holiday Money Hangover

Details on this session coming soon...

January 17, 2024 7-8pm

Engaging with Challenging Behaviours

Tuesday, May 16

This three-hour session will engage participants in exploring which child behaviors they find particularly challenging and why, with a focus on reducing the occurrence of challenging behaviors in the first place. This session will aid participants in developing strategies for addressing these behaviors while maintaining caring and understanding relationships with children.

When: Tuesday, May 16 @ 1-4pm
Where: Dow Centennial Centre, Scotiabank Room

Registration Password: 20FORTSASK23

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Integrating Inclusive, Evidence-based STBBI Care into Your Practice

Tuesday, June 13

presented by HIV Edmonton

Integrating Inclusive, Evidence-based STBBI (sexually-transmitted and blood-borne infections) Care into Your Practice is designed to be a 3-hour workshop for healthcare providers. It is divided into 5 categories: Bias, Stigma & Sex, Barriers to Care, STBBIs, Sexual Health Assessment, and PrEP & PEP. The workshop challenges healthcare providers to reflect on their personal biases and current practice related to STBBIs and inclusive sexual health education. The workshop will go over epidemiology, current STBBI information, and HIV pre- and post-exposure prophylactic treatment while introducing ways that providers can contribute to leading a more inclusive and involved sexual health practice through resources, case studies, and education to better serve the LGBT2Q+ & MSM community.

When: Tuesday, June 13 @ 1-4pm
Where: Community Hall, Normandy Room

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Caregiver Support Group

Do you care for an aging parent, spouse, friend or other person close to you? You are a caregiver. Would you like to connect with other people in similar situations?

Join us for sharing of experience and resources once per month to learn from one another in a safe, supportive environment.

For more information, contact 780-992-6623.

Dragonfly Support Group

A monthly group for parents whose children face mental health challenges.

This groups is a safe and supportive place for parents and caregivers to:

  • share challenges and concerns
  • learn and grow as a caregiver, and
  • access supports from those who are facing similar struggles.

To register, please call 780-992-6267.

Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels delivers nutritious meals to Fort Saskatchewan residents. Anyone who finds meal preparation difficult and would benefit from this service can apply.

  • Meals are delivered to your door Monday to Friday.
  • The cost is $7.50 for each meal.
  • Meal cancellations or changes require 72 hours notice and can be made by calling 780-992-6267 (exceptions made for medical emergencies).

For more information call 780-992-6267.

Neighbourhood Programs

Good Neighbour

Neighbourhoods are more than houses, streets and boulevards — it’s the people who live in those neighbourhoods that make them dynamic and unique.

If you have neighbours who make your neighbourhood the place to be, let them know their contributions matter and nominate them as a Good Neighbour!


Neighbourhood Connectors

What is a Neighbourhood Connector?

Neighbourhood Connectors are local volunteers who take pride in their communities and connect neighbours to one another through block events and conversations. When neighbours feel connected to one another their friendships can have a significant impact on the quality of life in their neighbourhood including an increased sense of belonging, better mental health, and increased safety.

Why should I Volunteer?

Neighbourhood Connectors are residents who enjoy getting to know their neighbours, like hosting block events and may have ideas on how to improve their neighbourhood, but need a bit of help getting started. If this sounds like you, the Neighbourhood Connector Program can help you with additional resources and ideas to make your neighbourhood one of the best places to live and play!

What would I need to do?

As a Neighbourhood Connector you will have support from the Community Social Planning Coordinator in getting to know your neighbours and resources to help you host block events and implement any innovative community building ideas you may have. Neighbourhood Connectors will also:

  1. Connect with every neighbour on their block and providing information on the Neighbourhood Connector role.
  2. Host a block event at least once per year.
  3. Access the Shape Your Community Grant to help implement neighbour ideas and improve the neighbourhood.
  4. Nominate anyone on your block who makes your neighbourhood a great place to live for the Good Neighbour award!

Sign up:

A Neighbours Guide to Making your Neighbourhood a Community

Rainbow Alliance

The Rainbow Alliance is a peer support group for youth ages 13 and up. It is a supportive and safe place open to all sexual orientations and gender identities, where youth can be themselves in a safe, affirming, sex-positive, alcohol and drug free environment.

Meetings are fun opportunities to make new friends, partake in fun activities and work on projects together.

To learn more about the Rainbow Alliance, call 780-992-6267.

Snow Angels Snow Clearing Program

The City of Fort Saskatchewan offers Snow Angels, a volunteer snow clearance program to assist seniors with a disability or medical condition in the community. Applicants must be referred to the program by their family physician, or existing clients of the home support, or home care program can be referred. Applicants must also meet an income level requirement.

To receive support from the program download the Snow Clearance Program Resident Package.

To volunteer for the program download the Snow Clearance Program Volunteer Package.

Apply to be a Snow Angel

For more information, contact 780-992-6267.

Whipper Snippers Lawn Care Program

The Whipper Snippers Lawn Care Program is no longer being offered. If you have any questions, please contact us at 780-992-6623.

Youth Advisory Committee

The Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) is open to all youth ages 13 – 18 and will focus on:

  • Volunteering and fundraising
  • Project orientated activities
  • Youth Wellness
  • Youth driven Initiatives 


  1. Engage youth to be involved in the community through volunteering
  2. Plan youth specific events and activities
  3. Collaborate with other groups and agencies
  4. Promote and create initiatives to support the well-being of youth

Location: TBD
Hours: Every Second Tuesday from 4:00 – 5:00pm
Dates: September – June

If you are interested in volunteering with the YAC, or for more information, please email or call 780-992-6267.

Youth Council

The Fort Saskatchewan Youth Council is a Committee established by City Council and its purpose is to educate and empower youth to provide information and recommendations to Council in relation to issues that impact or involve youth.


Up to 14 youth members between the ages of 14 and 24 years of age, who are residents of the City of Fort Saskatchewan; an appointed representative from City Council; and the Youth and Family Coordinator.

Roles and responsibilities

The Youth Council shall:

a. research and write policy proposals for Council’s consideration and review;

b. consult with Administration and other youth serving agencies to support youth initiatives;

c. provide a youth lens to City policies, programs and services as part of the City’s Diversity & Inclusion Policy (GEN-007-C);

d. work with Administration to develop and maintain a community dialogue about matters important to youth in Fort Saskatchewan;

e. drive change, and advocate on behalf of youth; and

f. establish partnerships with individuals and youth serving organizations to ensure different perspectives are reflected in Youth Council initiatives and procedures.

Meeting minutes



Additional information

Youth Council Terms of Reference

If you are interested in being on the Youth Council Committee, please fill out and submit the Committee Application Form.

For more information, please email or call 780-992-6267.