Applications, Licences and Permits

The City of Fort Saskatchewan has a number of permits available for assisting residents planning and development needs.

Alterations to Public Land

Download the Alterations to Public Land Permit

Building and Renovating

Are you building or renovating a residential property? Make sure you have all required permits.


City Naming Registry Application

City Naming Registry Application Information

Commercial, Industrial, Institutional and High-Density Multi-Family Development

You are required to get permits to ensure your new project meets the regulations before starting any work.

If you have any questions, you can call us at 780-992-6198 or visit us during business hours at City Hall, Lower Level at 10005 102 Street.

Compliance Certificate

Compliance Certificate Information

Construction Completion Certificate / Final Acceptance Certificate

Electrical, Plumbing and Gas Permits

Electrical, Plumbing and Gas Permits Information


An Excavation Permit is required any time there is a ground disturbance within a right-of-way or land owned by the City.

Download the Excavation Permit

You can apply for permits:

Please note: Permits may take up to five (5) business days to process.

File Search Request

We offer a File Search Service. You can request a file search with a File Search Request Form.

Please note: Access to some City records may fall under the Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act. These include (but not limited to):

  • Environmental and Geotechnical Reports/Assessments
  • Emergency responses or municipal bylaw violations relating to spills and unauthorized releases or the release of controlled substances

Access to these records can NOT be included in your File Search Request.

Please visit our FOIP page for more information on FOIP requests. Additional questions can be directed to the City’s FOIP Coordinator at 780-992-6200.

Fire Pits

Burning and Fire Permits Information

Land Use Bylaw Amendment (Rezoning)

A redistricting is required if you want to develop your property in a way that isn't allowed in the current land use district.

Learn more about Land Use Bylaw Amendment (Rezoning)

Road Use Permit - Heavy Vehicles

A "Heavy Vehicle" mean any one of the following:

  • a vehicle with or without a load weighing 6,000kg or more, or exceeding 8.5 meters in length; or
  • a vehicle with a trailer, with or without a load as Vehicle Gross-Weight weighing 8,000kg or more in total weight, or ten (10) meters in total length; or
  • a vehicle exceeding two axels; and
  • notwithstanding the foregoing, a municipal service Vehicle, a Recreational Vehicle, a Bus or Public Passenger Vehicle, an Emergency Vehicle, are excluded from this definition.

A Heavy Vehicle Road Use Permit is required to transport these large loads on Fort Saskatchewan roads.

Download the Road Use Permit - Heavy Vehicles Application Form


Does my sign need a permit?

Special Events

Looking to host your own special event? We're here to help ensure your event is planned with the public's health, safety, and overall enjoyment in mind.

Special Event Information

Special Use Permit

Access requiring a permit includes, but is not limited to: driving, parking or encroaching on

rights of way, roads, sidewalks, boulevards, parks and open spaces for the purpose of moving,

landscaping, construction, parking, bouncy castles or any other activity using a vehicle or piece of equipment.

Download the Special Use of Public Property Permit

Statutory Plan Amendment Application

Statutory Plan Amendment Application

Subdivision Application

Subdivision Application

Temporary Road Right-of-Way

Community organizations must complete a permit for the use of temporary signs on City of Fort Saskatchewan road right-of-way.

Temporary Road Right-of-Way Signs Information

Temporary Tent Application

Temporary Tent Application

Traffic Disruption

Traffic Disruption permits are required when the applicant will be temporarily obstructing any portion of a City roadway. There is no cost for this permit, however applicants will require liability insurance that names the City as an additional insured and may require submitting a traffic accommodation strategy. Find out if your permit requires insurance.

Download the Traffic Disruption Permit

Traffic Light Turning Request Application

Required by over-dimensional loads higher than 6 meters.

Download the Traffic Light Turning Request Application Form