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Join Our Team in Fort Saskatchewan – Where Your Career Flourishes

Welcome to the City of Fort Saskatchewan, a place where your work doesn't just contribute to our city's development; it helps shape a vibrant community. 

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Why Work With Us?

At the City of Fort Saskatchewan, we believe our strength lies in our diversity, the creativity of our people, and our shared commitment to excellence. We're not just hiring; we're looking for people who are eager to dive into challenges, nurture their professional growth, and contribute to a culture of fun and innovation!

City of Fort Saskatchewan staff

A World of Opportunities

Whether you're passionate about public service, parks and recreation, urban planning, community engagement, or anywhere in between, we offer a spectrum of career opportunities designed to leverage your unique skills and aspirations.

"Working in Fort Saskatchewan has given me the chance to work closely with different departments. This experience has deepened my understanding of how our city runs and has given me a well-rounded and meaningful perspective." — Jennifer B., Team Fort Sask Since 2011

Our Commitment to You
  • Inclusive Work Environment: A culture that values and promotes all voices.
  • Community Impact: Improve life in Fort Saskatchewan.
  • Work-Life Balance: Balance work with personal well-being.
  • Professional Development: Continuous learning opportunities.

City of Fort Saskatchewan staff

Ready to Make a Difference?

We're looking for smart, kind, and community-oriented individuals to join our ranks. If you're ready to start a career that's both fulfilling and exciting, look no further. Dive into our current openings and find out where you fit into the Fort Saskatchewan story.

Explore Job Opportunities and Apply Now


"Living in Edmonton and working in Fort Saskatchewan has been a game-changer. The drive is stress-free, with no traffic jams, and I get to enjoy the scenic countryside every day. It's the perfect mix of city efficiency and country tranquility. I wouldn't trade it for anything." — Jason R., Team Fort Sask Since 2022.


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