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The City of Fort Saskatchewan is committed to public engagement processes that encourage two-way dialogue, build trust, and support effective decision-making. Our efforts will be guided by principles that support effective and authentic public engagement and reflect the City's corporate values.

We commit to inclusiveness, transparency, accountability, communication, commitment, and responsiveness.

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Current engagements

Notice of Public Feedback:
Pointe-Aux-Pins Area Structure Plan

The applicant, WSP Canada Inc., on behalf of Landrex is in the final stages of preparing an Area Structure Plan (ASP) for the Pointe-Aux-Pins area of Fort Saskatchewan. The ASP will provide direction and a framework for future urban development of this area. As part of the process, the City of Fort Saskatchewan is looking to receive feedback about the ASP from residents and property owners.

The Pointe-Aux-Pins Area ASP is bounded by Highway 21 to the east, North Saskatchewan River to the west, the north boundary of the section 13-54-23-W4M, and the south boundary of the quarter section 13-54-23-W4M.

What is an Area Structure Plan (ASP)?

An ASP is a statutory planning that is approved by Council. An ASP is used to guide the future growth of a specific geographic area within a municipality. The purpose of an ASP is to provide policies and direction for orderly and efficient development of land, including the coordination of land use, transportation, utilities, and other infrastructure.

General details of the Pointe-Aux-Pins ASP:

  • ASP Boundary area contains approximately 148 ha of land (see attached Schedule A).
  • Estimated time to complete build-out, approximately 15-20 years.
  • The proposed ASP is designed primarily for a residential neighbourhood with commercial along the highway.
  • Approximately 1,600 residential units are to be developed to accommodate approximately 3,800 residents.
  • A 10-meter wide ‘buffer’ between the existing Pointe-Aux-Pins Drive and the adjacent future development. The ‘buffer’ will include a fence, multi-use pathway, and visual screening.
  • Pointe-Aux-Pins Drive will not allow through-traffic and will ‘dead-end’ at the southernmost point.

Technical Reports, where can I find them?

In preparing the Pointe-Aux-Pins ASP, technical studies were completed to provide detailed analysis of the subject lands and implications of proposed land uses.

Technical Studies are available upon request.

Approving the ASP

Council is the final decision maker for an ASP. The ASP will require 3 Readings before being approved.
The tentative timeline for approval:

  • 1st Reading & Public Hearing – Fall 2024 (tentative)
  • Submission to Edmonton Metropolitan Regional Board (EMRB)* – Fall 2024 (tentative)
  • 2nd & 3rd Reading – Winter 2024 (tentative)

*Note: All new ASPs are required to follow the Regional Evaluation Framework (REF). The REF is an essential process for the EMRB to evaluate how local plans support the implementation of the EMRB Growth Plan. This is a legislated process that is designed to ensure statutory plans (ASPs) of member municipalities are consistent with the principles and policies of the Growth Plan. The proposed ASP will require review by the EMRB as it meets the submission criteria defined by REF.

Have more questions?

Please contact the Planning and Development Department at 780.992.6198.

Where can I provide feedback?

You can submit written feedback via email,, or mail. Please send your written feedback by 4:30 pm on Wednesday, July 24, 2024.


Pointe-Aux-Pins ASP Draft

Schedule A – Pointe-Aux-Pins Area Structure Plan Boundary Map

Bike Skills Park Feasibility Study

We are currently studying the feasibility of a Bike Skills Park.

A Bike Skills Park is a purpose-built facility for all types of bicycles, including BMX, mountain, dirt jump, pedal-less bikes, and more. The parks are designed to give riders of all ages and skill levels the ability to get outdoors and safely improve their bike riding skills.

The City is looking to gather insights and preferences from the community regarding the potential of developing this amenity, site location and feature considerations.

More on the Bike Skills Park Feasibility Study

New Land Use Bylaw (LUB)

To achieve the objectives of “Our Fort, Our Future”, the City is initiating the process of creating a new bylaw that aligns with the new MDP and will serve the community’s needs into the future.

In order to make sure we have the best Land Use Bylaw to address the characteristics of your neighbourhoods while achieving the MDP objectives set for the area, we want to hear from you!

More information on Fort Saskatchewan's New Land Use Bylaw

 Urban Agriculture Plan (UAP)

The City of Fort Saskatchewan has begun work on developing the Urban Agriculture Plan (UAP) and is inviting residents to get involved in the planning process.

Urban agriculture is the cultivation, processing, and distribution of food in and around an urban area, such as cities. Examples of urban agriculture may include, but are not limited to:

  • Community gardens;
  • Green roofs;
  • Edible landscaping;
  • Urban beekeeping;
  • Urban chickens;
  • Hydroponics;
  • Aquaponics, and more.

The UAP will provide education and tools that create awareness about where food comes from, enhance local food sustainability and diversify the economy through agriculture-related and value-added industries.

More information on the Urban Agriculture Plan Project

Urban Forest Protection and Enhancement Plan

The City is developing an Urban Forest Protection and Enhancement Plan to help increase the number of trees in the city while balancing the needs of a growing population. The Plan will:

  • Show why the urban forest is important
  • Collect important information about the urban forest
  • Look at how the urban forest is managed now
  • Deal with challenges that affect the urban forest
  • Learn traditional ecological knowledge that impacts urban forests
  • Create a plan to manage the urban forest in the future

Learn more about the Urban Forest Protection and Enhancement Plan Project