Budget and Finances

Our new Budget Highlights document is designed to simplify the complexities of budgeting and showcase our strategic investments and community initiatives.

2024 Budget Highlights

Our Financial Services team is responsible for recording, monitoring and regularly reporting on all City financial activities.

The team's primary services include:

  • all accounts payable
  • billing and payment services for taxes and utilities
  • budget preparation and reporting
  • cash and investment management
  • financial stewardship of City assets and resources
  • financial expertise to Council, the City Manager and City departments
  • policies and procedures for corporate and financial resources
  • procurement


Our City's budget process is based on effective short and long-term planning in support of the goals of Council's Strategic Plan and the needs of the community.

City departments submit annual budget requests for the upcoming year to Council in November for approval by December 31. All budget meetings are open to the public.

2024 Budget Highlights

2024 Budget

2024 Proposed Capital Budget

2024 Proposed Operating Budget

Priority Based Budgeting (PBB)

The City has adopted Priority Based Budgeting (PBB), a leading best practice for local Government that develops program inventories and costing and shows how programs align with community priorities to help prioritize spending. PBB serves as a tool and a framework for evaluating program options and alternatives to help make decisions about resource allocation. It is based on allocating budget dollars to programs and services that bring the greatest value to the community, with the intent to optimize service delivery and maximize value for tax dollars.

The process for prioritizing the operating programs involved department scoring each program against the City’s established community and governance results and basic program attributes. Results are drawn from the City’s strategic documents (Strategic Plan, Municipal Development Plan, Community Sustainability Plan, community surveys) and are intended to define what the City government is in business to achieve. Basic program attributes are more general to the PBB model and are similar for most municipalities. Following the department scoring, a cross-functional subject matter peer review team evaluated the scores for fairness and consistency/validation and established the final score for the programs.

The final scoring identifies a program’s alignment with the City’s strategic priorities and places them into one of four quartiles. Programs that are more aligned are assigned to Quartiles 1 and 2 (Q1/Q2), and those that are less aligned are assigned to Quartiles 3 and 4 (Q3/Q4).

Individual Priority Contribution chart

Check out this article on The Future of Program Budgeting for more information on PBB

PBB Community and Governance Results

PBB Basic Program Attributes (BPA)

City Programs by Department

Previous Budgets

2023 Budget

2023 Proposed Capital Budget

2023 Proposed Operating Budget

2022 Budget

2022 Approved Capital Budget

2022 Approved Operating Budget

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2021 Approved Operating Budget

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2020 Approved Operating Budget

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2020 Proposed Operating Budget

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Additional information

Budget Descriptions

Budget Terminology

Financial Reports

Annual and Interim Reports

Annual and interim reports include:

  • analysis of financial operating results compared to budget
  • forecast of financial operating results compared to budget
  • analysis of capital projects
  • assessment of the City's financial position
  • progress on corporate goals and initiatives in the Strategic Plan
  • status of key operational work plan projects
  • operational highlights


August 2023 Interim Report

April 2023 Interim Report

2022 Annual Report

August 2022 Interim Report

April 2022 Interim Report

2021 Annual Report

August 2021 Interim Report

April 2021 Interim Report

2020 Annual Report

August 2020 Interim Report

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September 2018 Quarterly Report

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March 2018 Quarterly Report

2017 Annual Report

September 2017 Quarterly Report

June 2017 Quarterly Report

Financial Statements

The City of Fort Saskatchewan annual financial statements are prepared in accordance with Canadian public sector accounting standards. Council appoints auditors to review and report on the statements.

The consolidated financial statements reflect the assets, liabilities, revenues, expenses, and change in net financial assets (net debt) of the City and the Fort Saskatchewan Public Library.

View the 2023 Consolidated Financial Statements

Previous Statements

2022 Consolidated Financial Statements

2021 Consolidated Financial Statements

2020 Consolidated Financial Statements

2019 Consolidated Financial Statements

2018 Consolidated Financial Statements

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2016 Consolidated Financial Statements

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Additional resources

Department Business Plans

Corporate Communications Department Plan

Culture and Recreation Services Department Plan

Economic Development Department Plan

Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) Department Plan

Financial Services Department Plan

Fire Services Department Plan

Fleet, Facilities, and Engineering Department Plan

Information Technology Department Plan

Legislative Services Department Plan

People Services Department Plan

Planning and Development Department Plan

Protective Services Department Plan

Public Works Department Plan

Utilities & Sustainability Department Plan

Service Levels

The City establishes service levels to effectively plan for and prioritize resource needs, help mange costs, and improve communication to assist with aligning expectations between the municipality and the community on level of service and cost of service.

Bids and Tenders

Department User Fees and Charges Policy and Procedure

Management and Financial Reporting Policy

Operating and Capital Expenses Policy

Procurement Policy and Procedure