Budget and Finances

Our Financial Services team is responsible for recording, monitoring and regularly reporting on all City financial activities.

The team's primary services include:

  • all accounts payable
  • billing and payment services for taxes and utilities
  • budget preparation and reporting
  • cash and investment management
  • financial stewardship of City assets and resources
  • financial expertise to Council, the City Manager and City departments
  • policies and procedures for corporate and financial resources
  • procurement

Annual Budget

Our City's budget process is based on effective short and long-term planning in support of the goals of Council's Strategic Plan and the needs of the community.

City departments submit annual budget requests for the upcoming year to Council in November for approval by December 31. All budget meetings are open to the public.

2019 Approved Budget

View the complete 2019 Approved Budget

Budget Sections

2019 Approved Budget Information

Section 4 - Personnel Requests

Section 5 - Public Works

Section 6 - Fleet, Facilities and Engineering

Section 7 - Planning & Development

Section 8 - Economic Development

Section 9 - Utilities

Section 10 - Recreation Services

Section 11 - Protective Services

Section 12 - Fire Services

Section 13 - Culture Services

Section 14 - Family & Community Support Services

Section 15 - Financial Services

Section 16 - Information Technology

Section 17 - People Services

Section 18 - Corporate Communications

Section 19 - Legislative Services

Section 20 - Senior Leadership

Section 21 - Elected Officials

Section 22 - Capital Plan

Section 23 - Community Partners

Section 24 - Reserves Summary

Section 25 - Policies

Section 26 - Appendix

Previous Budgets
2018 Budget

2017 Budget

Financial Reports

Annual and Interim Reports

Annual and interim reports include:

  • analysis of financial operating results compared to budget
  • forecast of financial operating results compared to budget
  • analysis of capital projects
  • assessment of the City's financial position
  • progress on corporate goals and initiatives in the Strategic Plan
  • status of key operational work plan projects
  • operational highlights


April 2019 Interim Report

December 2018 Annual Report

September 2018 Quarterly Report

June 2018 Quarterly Report

March 2018 Quarterly Report

December 2017 Annual Report

September 2017 Quarterly Report

June 2017 Quarterly Report

Financial Statements

The City of Fort Saskatchewan annual financial statements are prepared in accordance with Canadian public sector accounting standards. Council appoints auditors to review and report on the statements.

The consolidated financial statements reflect the assets, liabilities, revenues, expenses, and change in net financial assets (net debt) of the City and the Fort Saskatchewan Public Library.

View the 2018 Consolidated Financial Statements

Previous Statements

2017 Consolidated Financial Statements

2016 Consolidated Financial Statements

2015 Consolidated Financial Statements

2014 Consolidated Financial Statements

2013 Consolidated Financial Statements

2012 Consolidated Financial Statements

Additional resources

Management and Financial Reporting Policy

Operating and Capital Expenses Policy

Procurement Policy and Procedure

Bids and Tenders