City Council

The City of Fort Saskatchewan has a seven member Council consisting of a Mayor and six Councillors who represent the City as a whole.

City Council is the decision-making body responsible for turning community needs into municipal services. Council guides the Strategic Plan which sets priorities for community development; everything from recreation services to roads, waste management and public transit.

The current Council was elected on October 18, 2021 for a four-year term.

View the Council Meeting Calendar to access minutes, agendas and watch Council meetings live.

Do you have a question or concern that you would like to contact City Council about?  Please fill out a Fort Report request.

Photos and bios of Council members coming soon

Mayor Gale Katchur

Please send general inquiries of the Mayor to:

Jonathan Milke, Mayor's Administrative Assistant
Ph: 780-992-6232

Contact information for Mayor Katchur:

Ph: 780-992-6232 or 780-913-9958
Fax: 780-998-4774

Councillor Jibs Abitoye

Contact information for Councillor Abitoye:

Ph: 780-200-6863

Councillor Birgit Blizzard

Contact information for Councillor Blizzard:

Ph: 780-996-5406

Councillor Gordon Harris

Contact information for Councillor Harris:

Ph: 780-934-4903

Councillor Brian Kelly

Contact information for Councillor Kelly:

Ph: 780-991-4575

Councillor Lisa Makin

Contact information for Councillor Makin:

Ph: 780-340-0054

Councillor Patrick Noyen

Contact information for Councillor Noyen:

Ph: 780-240-9875

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