In 2021, the City paid $62,000 to remedy vandalism in Fort Saskatchewan. In 2022, the cost of vandalism repairs rose to $232,995.

Vandalism is a broad category of crime that is used to describe a variety of behaviours. Generally, it includes any willful behaviour aimed at destroying, altering, or defacing property belonging to another, which can include:

  • Spray painting another's property with the purpose of defacing;
  • "Egging" someone's car or house;
  • Keying (or scratching) paint off of someone's car;
  • Breaking someone's windows;
  • Defacing public property with graffiti and other forms of "art";
  • Slashing someone's tires;
  • Defacing park benches;
  • Altering or knocking down street signs; or
  • Kicking and damaging someone's property.

In addition, a person who has in their possession the means to commit vandalism, such as a drill bit or glass cutter, could face vandalism charges in some circumstances.

Mischief, graffiti, and vandalism penalties

In Canada, vandalism involving property with a value below $5,000 can have an associated punishment of up to 2 years in jail, in addition to fines and/or probation. Punishment for vandalism to property over $5,000 can include a sentence of up to 10 years in prison.

The Community Standards Bylaw states that private property owners are not allowed to leave graffiti on their property which can be viewed from surrounding properties. Failure to remove graffiti can result in a $250 fine for paying associated costs of the City removing the graffiti.

Report it

You can report vandalism through the City's online reporting system, Fort Report.

For all policing information and questions, call the City's non-emergency/administration line (780) 997-7900. To file a complaint, please call (780) 992-6100.