Major Capital Projects

Major Capital Projects are evaluated, planned and approved using the framework outlined in the Operating and Capital Budget Policy FIN-024-C.

Capital Project Priority Based Budget (PBB) Scoring

Priority Based Budgeting (PBB) serves as a tool for evaluating program or project options and alternatives to help make decisions about resource allocation. It is based on allocating budget dollars to programs and services that bring the greatest value to the community, with the intent to optimize service delivery and maximize value for tax dollars.

Upcoming Major Capital Projects
Major Capital ProjectProject Information
100 Avenue / Legacy Park Road Enhancements

A portion of 100 Avenue and the Warden's Residence drive aisle are due for resurfacing. Before the segment is repaved, underlying issues with the road will be addressed. The project includes drainage improvements, curb installation and pedestrian movement enhancements.

Work will begin 2024. 

Alternative Waterline

The objective of this project is to determine the preferred water source options to meet future water needs as the City's demands continue to increase.

Project design work is scheduled to begin in 2024 with construction to follow in 2026.

Aquatics Planning / Construction

Based on the Recreation Facilities and Parks Master Plan as well as the 2024 Census, the need to expand aquatics services is clearly necessary.

The allocated budget for 2024 is designated for the design process as well as further refinement of the project scope and timeline.

Cemetery Master Plan

The current cemetery is anticipated to meet the community's needs until 2030 to 2032. Increasing the inventory of inground plots will require an expansion to the cemetery.

To prepare for the expansion, design is currently planned for 2026, after the Cemetery Flood Risk Study.

City Limit Entrance Signs

The City boundaries were adjusted in 2020 with the annexation. This project replaces the existing highway entrance signs and positions the new signs in a more accurate location.

This project is scheduled for design in 2025 with construction in 2027.

DCC Arena - Planning & Construction

The Recreation Facilities and Parks Master Plan, along with community feedback, highlighted the need for construction of a new arena within the City.

Design and project scope will be begin in 2024 with construction currently planned for around 2026/27.

Dog Park and Dow Fields - Paving

This project consists of paving the access roads and parking lots to the dog park and Dow fields located in the West River's Edge area.

This project is currently planned for 2027.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

The City’s ERP, Microsoft Dynamics GP, is the software that provides City’s core business processes, such as accounting, utility billing, human resources, property taxation, payroll, purchasing and reporting. It is estimated that this project will take mor than 30 months to complete.

This project is currently planned to commence in 2025.

Fire Station Planning / Construction

With the continued growth of the City, the current fire hall is no longer centralized in the community and is unable to provide optimal emergency response time. As well, the current fire hall does not support the expanding needs of the department.

Construction is planned to commence in 2027.

Fort Centre Park

The Fort Centre Park Master Plan provides the vision for a regional park in the 40 hectares of open space on the lower terraces between the Highway 15 bridge and the Fort Heritage Precinct.

Phase 1 construction is underway. Design of Phase 2 is scheduled to begin in 2027.

Materials Handling Site

The Snow Melt and Materials Handling Site Feasibility Study was presented to Council in spring 2024. This project will purchase land to construct a Materials Handling Facility with the potential to either option or purchase outright lands for a future Snow Dump Site. Once a site is secured, construction of the Materials Handling Site will commence to allow the City a more efficient site to store, process and recycle asphalt and concrete material salvaged from construction projects.

Site Selection and Design is scheduled for 2025 with construction to follow.

Veterans Way Corridor

Traffic flow along the Veterans Way Corridor continuously increases with growth and must be addressed for traffic and pedestrian safety. The Functional Planning Study for the widening of Veterans Way is now complete. The project includes widening the corridor to 6 lanes, intersection improvements, right of-way acquisition, and pedestrian safety considerations.

The project is contingent on funding support from the Province.

Widening phases are currently scheduled to commence in 2029.

Water Tower Refurbishment

The Water Tower is aging and maintenance is required on the structure. A detailed assessment has been completed and Administration will be implementing improvements based on the report’s recommendations to ensure the Water Tower continues to meet the needs of the community. Long-term operational and financial implications are being assessed for each option.

The nature and extent of the work will be shared with Council in September 2024.

Last updated: June 2024